Monetary Donations

This is how we pay for a Montgomery County Public School bus which transports the youth from specific safe locations to our daily camp sites and returns them to the same location each day. The other costs are for lunches, snacks and water each day. One can purchase restaurant gift cards, get food locations to donate lunch or make lunches for the youth. If you have questions, please contact us.



The "GIVE" button above will take you to our fiscal sponsor for OutDoor Strong: SSUMC.

  1. After entering your information — the next page (at the bottom) will let you:
  2. Select: "Special Giving Funds"
  3. And from that drop-down menu, select: "OutDoor Strong"

There is a W-9 form that you can print out from the donate page or just pull the Tax ID number from it. 

Questions? CONTACT US

We thank you for your support!