Our Campers


Our first week: provide water, shake, and voila — FUN!

OutDoor Strong was formed to serve the youth community in the Silver Spring/Wheaton/Rockville areas of Montgomery County, MD.  Middle school aged girls and boys who would otherwise not have the means or ability to attend a summer camp — really to have good, safe, clean, wholesome fun for a couple of months.

Since the camp is free to the attendees we look for girls and boys who would seem to really benefit from the camp. This could include kids from marginalized families or whose parents or caretakers work just to put a roof over their heads. Kids whose families aren’t focused on their children, youth without families — we think you get the idea.


Our summer 2018 program

Registration must be completed by June 20, 2018

2018 will be our second summer for OutDoor Strong and we are excited to get started! This year’s summer the camp will run for 7 weeks: July 9 – August 24 (Monday through Friday). Our days start at 10am and end at 3pm.

Who can attend?  

Kids who are either going into Middle School (MS) or are already in MS. We meet and speak with each child, individually or in groups, with or without care givers.

How do they sign up?

Register by email or phone through our CONTACT PAGE.

What’s the signup deadline?

We need to be aware of all applicants by June 20, 2018

How many weeks do campers attend? Min/Max?

All campers are required to attend the entire camp session. We don’t have many rules at OutDoor Strong, however no camper may participate in “Fun Friday” unless they have attended Monday through Thursday. If there is a specific reason a child cannot attend, we must be notified in advance.  

Some games never get old

Some games never get old

A Day In The Life

We all had a lot of fun in the summer of 2017. We were physically active, we were outdoors, we made new friends, explored new places, stretched our minds and bodies and spirits. We grew more confident and gained some new insights into who we are becoming and how we can all help to steer that growth.

Playing tourists

Playing tourists

Grill master

Grill master