Welcome to the start of our third year!


OutDoor Strong is a Non-Profit, free summer camp, focusing on the under-served and at-risk Middle School aged youth of Montgomery County, Maryland.  

Our camp provides these boys and girls an opportunity to strengthen their minds, their physical bodies and their spirit through outdoor sports and physical activities, volunteer efforts, games and group discussions. They develop new and healthy friendships and a strong community of support. We successfully completed our second year during the summer of 2018 and would like to share our story and mission with you.

The bond is unmistakable, 2018

The bond is unmistakable, 2018

Starting our tour in the garden of the National Gallery of Art, 2017

Starting our tour in the garden of the National Gallery of Art, 2017


Our Mission

Every child deserves at least part of their summer to be carefree.  In our current environment too many kids are inactive, too much of their time. With their attention focused on technology and social media at best, learning bad habits at worst. OutDoor Strong’s goal is to introduce fresh air, physical activity and fun into the daily lives of kids who otherwise would not have this opportunity.


Whoa – that is a lot of kids, 2018

Our kids learning some new dance moves, 2017

Our kids learning some new dance moves, 2017


How You Can Support

There are many ways you can support this important mission: 

Financial Contributions
Time + Participation
Materials +  Facilities

A Day In The Life

We all had a lot of fun in the summers of 2018 and 2017. We have posted some videos here to give you a sense of things we did. We were physically active, we were outdoors, we made new friends, explored new places, stretched our minds and bodies and spirits. We grew more confident and gained some new insights into who we are becoming and how we can all help to steer that growth.

Show me a fountain, I’ll show you a happy kid, 2017

Boot camp warm up, 2018

Now this is what summer is supposed to be like, 2018




Our Upcoming 2019 Summer Program


Registration deadline: June 21, 2019

2019 will be our third summer for OutDoor Strong and we are excited to get started! This year’s summer camp will run for 6 weeks: July 8 – August 16 (Monday through Friday). Our days start at 10am and end at 3pm.

This beats a nap for silence (Deanie the Yogini), 2018

Lunch – our favorite time of day, 2017

Lunch – our favorite time of day, 2017